Mark Gibbs has been a CTO, consultant, and journalist in the information technology industry for over 30 years. He has written four books, co-founded half-a-dozen startups, as well as advised and consulted with dozens of companies from startups through growing businesses to Fortune 5000 enterprises. Gibbs co-founded Novell UK, and created NetRatings, a leader in on-line audience measurement and now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Nielsen Company. He also had a 24-year career as an IT industry journalist writing for IDG.

Gibbs has the ability to drive innovation, define and communicate strategies, and keep projects on the rails. He believes in accuracy, clarity, quality, and speed. A staunch proponent of ethical business practices, responsive and effective management, and value-driven decision-making, Gibbs will provide clarity and direction in your business technology.

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Mark Gibbs
393 Contra Costa Avenue
Ventura, CA 93004 USA

(805) 754-2661


Azstec LLC

Chief Technology Officer 2014 to 2017

Advisor then Chief Technology Officer. Managed outsourced development and supported marketing of an email and document security product suite. Developed technical and marketing materials and designed next generation product lines.

Vizimetrix J.V.

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer 2012 to date

Co-founder and CTO of a product data registry and digital labelling firm. Designed and implemented database-driven online services.

StarDrive Systems Inc.

Chief Technology Officer 2001 to 2002

Board director and acting CTO for one of the leading television newsroom automation platform vendors. Responsible for technical due diligence of potential acquisitions.

Accela Communications

Consultant 2000 to 2003

Analyst and presenter of Webcasts and podcasts for various corporate clients including Cisco, Sun, and Apple. Responsible for customer liaison to determine needs and set schedules. Wrote and scripted presentation material and was "talent" for both live and pre-recorded videos and audio content.

Brand3 Inc.

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer 1999 to 2001

Co-founder, chief technology officer, and creator of an early SaaS-based brand support and marketing platform. Led an outsourced development team and worked with customers to determine customization requirements and implementation goals.

Network World Special Projects and Seminars

Consultant1998 to 2009

Creator, presenter, and host of more than twenty seminar series sponsored by major IT industry vendors including Cisco, IBM, Symantec, Microsoft, and Sun covering enterprise security, Internet technology, and network management.

NetRatings, Inc.

Creator & Co-founder 1996 to 2000

Creator and co-founder of one of the leading Internet and digital media measurement and analysis companies. Successful IPO in 2000 and wholly acquired by Nielsen Co. in 2007.

Network World Magazine

Contributing Editor 1993 to 2017

  • 2001 to 2004: “Network World on Web Applications”, a trends and analysis newsletter on Web products and services
  • 1999 to date: “Gearhead”, a featured technical and opinion column then blog
  • 1998 to 2011: “Backspin”, a featured opinion column
  • 1997 to 1998: “Internet Business Magazine”, supplement editor and columnist
  • 1993 to 1995: Analyst and features author.

NTX Inc.

Co-Principal 1990 to 1992

Co-principal of a consulting firm specializing in networking products and enterprise strategy and services. Provided technical analysis, development strategy, and execution planning to Fortune 5000 companies.

Novell International

Director of Strategic Planning 1989 to 1990

Director of Strategic Planning liaising with European major accounts and resellers.

Novell UK Ltd.

Co-founder & Technical Director 1986 to 1989

Co-founder and Technical Director of Novell's U.K. operation in charge of all technical, service, and education operations for the UK and advisor to Novell International (Europe). Responsible for reseller and major account technical liaison with U.S. headquarters technical operations.

Oberon International, Ltd.

Development Manager 1985 to 1986

Development manager for an optical character recognition system. Project managed an outsourced development team, developed sales, marketing, and training materials.

Digital Microsystems Ltd.

Technical Support Manager 1979 to 1985

Technical support manager for the U.K. and Europe, responsible for building and running technical support, pre-sales support, and service for HiNet, one of the earliest networking systems.

U.K. Royal Navy

Data Processing Manager 1977 to 1979

Civilian manager of naval exercise data analysis team and mainframe and minicomputer systems programming. Responsible for workflow scheduling, software maintenance, and performance optimization.


Plymouth University

Diploma in Architecture (BSc)


  • Extremely experienced communicator
  • Experienced journalist, author, and public speaker
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Ability to inspire and motivate staff at all levels
  • Proven ability to think and act strategically and proactively
  • Proven ability to solve complex technical challenges
  • Obsessive, pragmatic attention to detail
  • Focused on quality, speed, and accuracy
  • Willing and able to be hands-on as required
  • Experience in analysis, implementation, and evaluation of IT systems and specifications
  • Ability to simplify and communicate complex technical issues
  • Broad knowledge of software and hardware platforms and technologies
  • Broad business knowledge


  • One of the most fortunate things to have happened in my career, and one of the best things that happened to Network World, was to join forces with Mark Gibbs. He's a fantastic, funny, insightful writer, and he continues to deliver smart and valuable commentary to Network World readers in print and online. He's also great on stage and has helped our conference business. On a personal note, Mark's a great advisor and a good friend. I highly recommend him.

    John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG Communications U.S.
  • Mark is one of the most energetic and thoughtful leaders that I have encountered in my career. He has an insatiable appetite for new and bold technologies and a solid appreciation for talent. Although he comes to the table with deep (think Mariana's Trench) technical experience, he knows how to communicate well regardless of who is in the room. His most valuable skill is his ability to consistently think outside the box - no one is better at thinking big.

    Bob Cagle, CEO, productOps
  • Mark Gibbs is truly at the leading edge of where technology, business and new paradigms emerge. He uncannily discerns where and when next-generation concepts are going to 'hit' and break into the mainstream - in order to take advantage of the opportunities represented by these, you have to act in advance of their popularization: That's where Mark is an incredible sage and asset to any organization desiring to be "in the know." ... Wholehearted Recommendation.

    David Knight, Founder & CEO, Terbine
  • Mark Gibbs and I were columnists together at Network World in the late '90s. I was relatively new to technology journalism at the time, and Mark's generous advice and insights were invaluable to my career. Mark actually knows what he's talking about, unlike the vast majority of tech journalists, and backs up his often-provocative opinions with impeccable analysis and a keen wit. As a columnist and technology thinker Mark consistently sets a standard to which I continually aspire.

    Chris Nerney, Technology & science writer

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